Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloweenie

The other night we got some most perfecet pumpkins from Brandon's parent's garden so we got a little carving kit and got to work. Dontcha think they turned out great! I pooped out about half way through mine but forced myself to continue. It took forever. Mine's the one on your far right and Brandon's is next. He was a real trooper since he had worked a 12 hr day and we didn't even start til after 10:00. Here's the carving partners, at first I couldn't figure out what Jen was doing then I looked at what was in her hand, silly girl.
I had to put a close up of Austin and Breanna's pumpkin because it was the best one, can you tell who it is?
Kevin from the office! Love it. Breanna's boyfriend made some horchata that was so very delicious. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's a creamy, sweet, cinnamon ricey milk. I hadn't had it since my mission and it actually brought back some fun memories. Brandon loved it too. It was a perfect little treat. I feel like I need to start learning how to actually cook stuff!!

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