Monday, November 1, 2010


For Halloween we decided to go to Frightmares since we had a couple free passes. It actually turned out really fun...and scary too. But it was FREEZING. We got soaked from the rain but we hardly noticed, just kept treckin on cuz it was such a blast. I must say however that Lagoon isn't quite what it used to be. I remember as a kid being able to spend ALL day there loving it and the rides seemed so huge and awesome. And it was always the number one goal to meet a cute boy. Now it almost seems a little ghetto and there's probly only 5 rides that I actually enjoyed riding. One of them was surprisingly the bumber cars...Don't you love how Brandon always makes this same face in all the pics?? What a cute face it is.
We discovered these awesomely carved pumpkins were fake so that made us feel better about ours from last week.

We got chased around by these scary fellas with chain saws. And now I'm the one making the creepy face. Just trying to match the scary monsters I guess.

Here's our costumes for the night....we've decided that Halloween is like 100 times funner with little kids you can dress up with and enjoy it with. Maybe next year we'll have a costume party so we can dress up for real.

Here we are in one of the Haunted houses, it was obviously not that scary, just a bunch of "fog" that left us in coughing fits, if I get lung cancer one day it's cuz of this fog I'm sure.

Skeleton Brandon....he always gets so ticked (as you can see here) that I wanna take so many pics. But now I have a good excuse that "it's for the blog." I wonder how long it will last?

It was sure a fun little day. Sometimes it's nice just to get to be together since we're both always working so much with the crazy shifts and all. Just a little side note that we actually got a free cruise today too! It was one of those "listen to our 90 min presentation and we'll give you a free trip" type of things. So we went. But good thing Brandon came cuz I just about gave in and bought the package. I had to make Brandon be the one to say no. He's tougher than me. I just always start feelin so bad for the poor guy trying to make some commision and then I feel guilty for all his time we're taking and I start justifying why I can buy it. But once I get out of there and back to reality I'm sooo glad we didn't get suckered in. We can either go to the Mexican Riviera or the Caribean. Any recommendations?


  1. Hey Shelissa!! Look at you and your blog... I love it! You and the hubs are super cute! I'm so sorry about your grandpa, let me know if you need anything. I miss you girl!!

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  2. So fun! I didn't know that you had a blog! I hope that all is well! If you want to check out our blog it's