Monday, October 18, 2010


My family just got back from Vegas yesterday and it was such a blast! My parents were celebrating their anniversary and had the rest of us come join them for a couple days. They also have a foreign exchange student from Brazil and she really wanted to see Vegas while she's here. It was really good being with the fam, and Brandon and I always love a get away!

This was my 1st time gambling!! I discoved that I love the slots, and Brandon actually won 25 buckaroos.
I was telling a gal at work about my plans to go to Vegas and she asked me "why would you go to Vegas, how is that even fun for you?....knowing we don't smoke, drink, party, etc. But I had to just laugh because I've actually been a lot and it's such a blast. We swam and relaxed, shopped at the outlets, walked the strip to see the free stuff, played games in the hotel, rode the coasters, and saw a show. It's the perfect get away. This time, we saw The Blueman group. Now I have to say that it was funny and entertaining, but I would never go again. I thought for how famous they are, they would and could have done a lot more with their act. But we had a good time and had really good seats!
Our favorite free thing to see is the fountain at the Bellagio. We spent over an hour there one night. I just think it's incredible what they do with it! It's my sister Kaylie's favorite and since she's on a mish in Brazil we missed her oh so much.
The Coke Factory has samples of coke products from all over the world. Some are nasty, some are delish so we did a taste test.

Thanks to my folks for a great trip, we love being with you guys and the fam!


  1. i'm just ticked that the watkins had to go on a family vaca the week rubes was born. just kidding. i love it! i'm so glad that you had so much fun. i think we need to plan a duffin/jones retreat one of these days. what do you think.
    ps: kim and kristina aint got nothing on us. jkjk.

  2. I really hope you call me next time you are in Vegas!!! But I am glad you are a blogger now :)