Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oregon Coast

In nursing school I seriously had the very best study group ever. I had such good friends and I wouldn't have survived school without them. There were seven of us and we had such a blast...maybe too much fun actually. So for the last two years of school we've been planning this awesome trip up to Oregon where Megan is from. It was a blast!

We went to this gorgeous waterfall...

Ate this delicious crab. We've never been known to be big seafood fans but Doug, Flor, and Jen caught this right out of the ocean and it was sooo good. I wish I had a pic of the table AFTER we were done eating, we were all covered in crab.

Went to this Sturgeon Fish Hatchery. In case you don't know what a Sturgeon is, here's a glimpse for you. It's a fish that's pretty much larger than life.

Just the gals...

The oregon coast is full of little tide pools so when it's low tide you can see all of the starfish, sea anenamies, crabs, all kinds of cool stuff. This is a starfish we found....

We went to this aquarium and saw some cool little creatures. Here's the jellyfish, I could have watched them for hours....

Floated on tire innertubes down this beautiful river bank...

Stayed in this cute cabin near the coast....

Made this bonfire on the ocean.....ok on the sand. (I know some of you wouldn't have been able to resist saying "you can't build a fire on the water Shelissa" and felt like it was a funny remark so I just saved you the embarrassment....)

Visited the pier here...notice the cool bridge?

Watched these sea lions.... or were they seals? Who knows.

Spent the day at the beach having hot chocolate. I know they don't go together but it was so cold yet so beautiful so we stayed.

Last but not least I just had to show you this cute of pic of this cute guy. Look at him chopping this wood in his too small board shirt from highschool:) Just a side note, Brandon makes the best fires I've ever seen. Thank goodness he's an eagle scout.

Thanks so much to my wonderful study buddies and great friends, for helping me pass and for an incredible trip. Love you guys!!

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  1. hey blogger!! look at you go!! i'm so proud of you!! so dang proud. mostly for blogging but also the fact that you graduated NURSING SCHOOL! this way whenever ruby is sick i will know who to call.

    i love these pics and i'm jealous of your fun vaca. we need to go on one someday. also. of course i know what STURGEONS are. i did serve in STURGEON BAY WISCONSIN! best ever.

    love you.
    call me.