Thursday, December 2, 2010

Go Jazz Go!

So I must admit that I wouldn't call myself the ultimate jazz fan, unlike my husband. I'm that wife who occasionally nags at the husband for watching every single jazz game on tv without fail and would maybe rather be watching some sort of chick flic. But when we get a chance to actually GO to a game, Im all over it. I love, love, love the Jazz at these times. I get caught up in the music, cheering, special little tricks by the jazz bear, the jumbotraun, and general enthusiasm of the crowd. And luckily, they won, which makes it even better. We got to go with my sister Breanna/Austin, and Brandon's brother and wife, Ben and Alyson. It was a blast, even if we were only sitting like 5 rows from the top! Here's the group:
It was actually Alyson's first time ever going to a jazz game so that makes it extra fun.

If you buy a full meal at Subway they give you a free voucher to get tickets "buy one get one free" and Brandon just told me yesterday that he already took the liberty of getting us another voucher so we can go to another game. Yeah!


  1. So fun! I need to catch up with you guys! You graduated this summer right? SO are you working? Has Brandon applied to med school? Catch me up!

  2. Thanks for letting us know you got another voucher, I see how it is. THIS IS BULL CRAP!

    FYI This is my first and last post on your blog. And because of this, Brandon just went from 5 to 1098 on my speed dial.