Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pre Christmas

So one of the things that I really have loved the last few days is just getting ready for Christmas to get here. That's always most of the fun I suppose tho huh? Brandon and I have actually loved getting to spend our whole day together just shopping, planning, and all the fun activities. I thought I would throw up a few pics before Christmas gets here. *speaking of being with Brandon, I have a quick side note story. Last night while we were out shopping we stopped at Carl's Junior for a quick bite to eat. The guy who took our order was ridiculous. He was wearing stickers all over his face like a little kid and kept goofing off with his friends while taking our order. So we sat down to wait for our food and after about 15 min we asked another girl where our food was since the place was completely empty. Turns out he had given our food away to his friends who had left a couple minutes earlier. I couldn't believe it. I mean who does that? The girl came over and gave us the # to the general manager so we could complain about him since it happens all the time she says. I was so mad last night saying that "people like him didn't deserve jobs in this economy." How rude huh! I was all ready to call the manager but when I woke up this morning I couldn't bring myself to call and get someone fired. I mean what if he has no dad and his mom is a drunk and he's just trying to save money for college and get a new life? Unlikely but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. It's christmas afterall! Anyway, my first pic is over at Ben and Al's house at a Christmas dinner. Kathy made us these cute new aprons. Aren't they adorable?

We also got to cut down our Christmas Tree again this year! We took up the snomobiles and found a real beauty. Brandon was our tape measure here, we decided it was perfect and chopped it down. I love having a real tree that smells so good and it's only $10 for a tree tag! The only bummer is it seems every time we set it up and start decorating I always find holes in it everywhere and I can never make it look quite like all those beautiful fake ones! Pictures of the finished product to come....

Paul Bunyon here....

The other great thing about Christmas is that you get to meet up with fun friends you don't normally get to see. Shelley was in town to Hailey and I got to see her and cute little Thad. I wish that the little ones were in this pic since they're so precious. You'd just want to squeeze their little cheeks. Having girl time is always refreshing!


  1. So fun! I love the tree :) Adorable aprons too!

  2. Hi friend! I am glad you found my blog, and I am glad you have a blog so we can keep in touch. You always have looked for the good in people. That is what makes you an amazing person. I can't believe that happened to you though. Crazy!