Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Fever

Wow I haven't posted anything in sooo long. I guess we haven't been doing anything too out of the ordinary lately. Brandon is studying like crazy and I'm picking up lots of shifts at work. We did get to go to Desert Star on Saturday night. Sometimes it's nice just to have an excuse to dress up and not wear scrubs every day! The beginning of the year is always so BLAH to me. I keep getting so excited for warm weather and then get crushed when I wake up to snow AGAIN! The only snowmen I want to see anymore are THESE!! This is me dreaming of summer.....or at least spring! Sheesh.


  1. I hear ya! I can't wait for warm weather! Is Brandon applying to med school this year?

  2. This is seriously the worst post ever.

  3. So ready for spring!! I hope you guys are doing well! Miss you both a ton! I loved our little lunch at Wingers before I got married. It was fun just to hang out with the two of you. Let's cross our fingers for warm weather soon! :)

  4. i have spring fever too!
    but i SO wish i could just wear scrubbies every day.
    thanks for watching rubes!!!