Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye 2010!!

I of course have to recap 2010 since it was simply perfect. At first thought all I can remember is school school and more school. But as I dig through pics and reminisce with Brandon I cannot believe all that we did! What a year! I'm so grateful for where we're at and for all the sacrifices and encouragement from family. We are just loving life and can't wait for all that 2011 holds!

We started off the year with a cabin trip with friends and family.....if you know Brandon's family, you know snowmobiling was involved. (I got to break out my new pink gear which was the funnest part for me!) We saved every penny to be able to take our trip to Vietnam. It was a study abroad for my nursing program and Brandon came along as a medical assistant which looks great for grad school applications. Sorry for all the pics on this one. It truly was one of those life changing experiences. I wouldn't say it was a "VACATION" but we had a blast, learned a lot, made some great friends, and hopefully made a difference in some small way. WE were touched for sure! How could you not be by these cute litte orphan faces?
Closing dinner after our 3 weeks can tell it's the end cuz look at Brandon's beard.
We ate soooo much seafood....and surprisinly loved it soooo much. Maybe since it was so fresh, they would actually be fishing off the side of our boat for lunch as we were doing clinics, and sure enough a couple hours later we had tables full of seafood! Brandon actually won "most adventurous at the table" award. (It's custom that the men had to finish all the food on the table since they don't waste ANYTHING, so this may have been part of it.)
Halong Bay....they call it their "8th world wonder" it was gorgeous! We visited caves and a whole community built on the ocean.
Leper colony. These cuties had been married 50 years! And we learned in Vietnam that were giants!
Water buffalo holding up traffic.
Mountain ladies beggin for glasses so they can do their stitching for a living.
What can I say, it was incredible, I wish I could have posted like 100 pictures but that would have only been for me, I'm sure you all would have been bored!
In April we celebrated Brandon's birthday with a gift certificate to La Cai. It was delish but I'll never go back again. This salad alone was about $20!
Said goodbye to Elder Duffin number 4! What an honor to have all 4 boys serve missions. What a cute bunch.We all got to do a temple session together too with the whole family there! It was a special moment to have the whole family together for the first time in the temple.

A couple days after sending him off we were off the Incredibles.

And the best news is that Brandon graduated with his Bachelors last May. YEAH!!! I'm so proud of this guy, he works so hard to fulfill his dreams.
Later that summer we spent some time in Park City with my family.
And went 4wheeling in a fugly sweater apparently. (I'm currently watching Mean Girls on TV)
Spent a weekend in July up in Idaho boating on grampa's boat.
How cute are these 2? Grandma and Grandpa Zollinger are all decked out for Declo Days!!Priceless.
Metcalf reunion also in July for more boating. We were pretty much acrobats with our tricks on the innertube.
Brandon learned to wind surf....harder than it looks.
In August I finished Nursing School!! YEAH!!! Can't believe we are graduated people! The guy at the bank called us DINK's. (Dual Income No Kids) It's been soo nice but hopefully that will change this year;) We'll see if Brandon actually reads this blog when he comes home and says "babe why would you write that?) P.S. no idea why this pic makes me look like a little pig nose.
Went on a graduation trip with my nursing school friends to the Oregon Coast. Brandon wanted a new tennis raquet for his graduation....of course.
October found us in Vegas with my family. We just love getting away I guess.
October found me pondering a lot about life as Hailey welcomed in her brand new precious baby Ruby...
And we said goodbye to my precious Grandpa Watkins. Still remembering him...
The December month always leads to parties, good food, lots of family and fun as we remember our Savior, His birth and sacrifice, and rededicate ourselves to becoming better this year! We are so happy to welcome in this New Year and all that it will hold for us. So Happy New Year to you all and we hope your happy and well. Lots of love!


  1. embrace being a 'DINK!'

    buy what you want now...


  2. What a year! You guys did do a lot! Congrats on your graduations!

  3. What a year! You guys sure did a lot! Way to go.

  4. Haha, your little comments crack me up! What a great year, full of tons of achievements. Way to go!

  5. just wanted to let you know i love you. i'm glad i was a little part of your year. thanks for watching rubes last week and for being my dearest friend. i seriously am so lucky to have your example in my life.

    love you girlf.

  6. I decided to start blog stalking you in preparation for Kaylie's return... also... I know Brandon's brother, Brad, from work.