Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodbye April...

This month has seriously been such a blast, so fun in fact I haven't even had time to blog about it! So lemme start at the beginning....We started out by going to Conference. We got to go to the Saturday afternoon session with my whole family. It's always so refreshing and uplifting. It was nice just to have the whole weekend off together. Brandon's family does a really fun thing at his grandparents house the Sunday after Conference. The WHOLE family goes over for dinner and then we talk about our favorite part of Conference. I feel like it's a great legacey and tradition...I wish I had pics. We also got to go to the Jazz vs. Lakers game that weekend. Breanna's boyfriend got us tickets on like the 12th was way fun. But I'm afraid the Jazz have failed us this year. Oh well better luck next year. Thanks Boyf!! And don't ask me why I'm always creepin behind Brandon in all the pics.

The very best part of the month is my sissy Kaylie comin home!!!! We're soooooo happy to have her back! She is such a joy and we love the spirit she brought home with her. I feel like I've been breathing, sleeping, eating, living at my parents house this last week cuz it's so fun having her home!! I didn't even realize how much I missed her!

Isn't she soo cute? I love hearing all of her stories and just laughing and catching up. It reminds me of my own mission and made me miss it so much!

A couple days later we celebrated Brandon's birthday. We had a BBQ and the boys played some B-Ball while the girls judged their dunks....or wannabe dunks?? Here's a couple previews.

Breanna baked him such a delish cake too! It was so nice of her....and Brandon always melts for a good piece of chocolate cake!

Then we went to Boondocks to play mini golf. Can I please just say for the record that I won!!!
I wish we would have made an awesome bet so I could have gotten something really cool from it.

We also hit up the Go Carts. Look how excited Brandon looks...

On Sunday after Kaylie's homecoming we had such a lovely Easter dinner at Brandon's house. We always look forward to dinner at Kathy's. Brandon got to celebrate his B-day again with Connie and Dave too!

Grandma and Grandpa even came down from Idaho...always excited to see them. It seriously topped off such a fun weekend. Doesn't it look so cute and Easterish....


  1. So fun! Happy birthday Brandon! You look so pretty Shelissa!

  2. Wow. I can't believe Kaylie is home from her mission already. It must be so nice to have your sister back. All you Watkins girls are gorgeous.

  3. Hey Shelissa! We're moving there next Friday!!!!

  4. Whoops I looked at my calendar and it's actually the Friday after next. We fly in on the 13th :)

  5. Good freakin hell, post something will ya. It's December. You have had a sister get married, another engaged, and another pretty big announcement. No, not anything with school, school sucks.

    You could always delete this blog instead of playing with our hearts. Some of us are over weight and our hearts can't take it.

    COME ON!